Toad (Animation)

Toad (Television)

As well as appearing in almost 100 video games, Toad also starred in the hit American animated TV show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as one of the four leading protagonists alongside Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool. Toad returned in the follow-up series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Both series were produced by DIC Animation City. Unfortunately Toad was, much like the game of the same name, replaced by Yoshi in the third and final Super Mario animated series, Super Mario World.

In the first few episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Toad’s colours were inverted with a red mushroom cap and white spots. This inverted colour scheme also appears in latter episodes when Toad becomes Super Toad (effectively Fire Toad, as it’s only activated by Toad touching a Fire Flower). Another alternate form unique to the first series is Toad Warrior which is activated by Toad touching a Starman (Super Star) where Toad dons a Road Warrior-style spiked helmet and motorcycle.

The debut episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, entitled The Bird! The Bird! sees Toad ultimately save the day by throwing vegetables at King Koopa and his henchmen much-like his Super Mario Bros. 2 character. Earlier in the episode, Toad is captured by a near-sighted Birdo who confuses Toad for her Little Cheepy (Baby Birdo). It’s in this episode where Toad’s cap becomes a parachute! The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 also sees Toad take his cap off in the Tag Team Trouble episode.

Many Toad characters make an appearance in the animated series including his father (Moldy), his grandfather who was sentenced to the Koopatraz State Prison (Gramps), and his cousins from the Mushroom Wrestling Federation (The Mushroom Marauder and Jake “The Crusher” Fungi). Other Toad forms are unique to the series include Raccoon Toad and Frog Toad. It is unknown whether Toad will appear in the upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. movie from the Illumination studio.

One thought on “Toad (Animation)

  1. I grew up watching and enjoying the Super Mario Super Show on Saturday Morning TV. It’s a shame Toad was replaced with Yoshi in the Super Mario World series. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough room to have Toad and Yoshi both as loveable sidekicks.


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