Dr. Toad

Dr. Toad -or Doctor Kinopio as he’s known in Japan- is one of the newest Toad characters having made his debut, and only, appearance in the 2019 smartphone game Dr. Mario World from Nintendo, LINE, and NHN Entertainment. Unfortunately there’s a virus epidemic in the Mushroom Kingdom and Dr. Mario has been called to help eliminate the viruses. To help him out; Dr. Toad instructs Dr. Mario, and later other Doctors, in how to defeat the viruses in the game’s Stage Mode.

Dr. Toad’s appearance is similar to the other Doctors with both a head mirror and white lab coat, Dr. Toad also wears a blue tie and brown satchel, although the contents of the satchel are unknown! Whilst players start with Dr. Mario, and can either unlock Dr. Bowser or Dr. Peach at level 11, all other Doctors are available via the game’s Staffing section costing 4,000 Coins or 40 Diamonds to unlock a random Doctor or Assistant. Dr. Toad, like all the Doctors, has just a 2% chance of unlocking.

The advantages of Dr. Toad is his special skill which selects 10 locations at random in Stage Mode and then eliminates objects at these locations. At higher Skill Levels, Dr. Toad’s skill meter fills even faster. In Versus Mode, he selects just five locations at random, and whilst he has the best Speed and is the fastest character to lob attacks at opponents, he also has one of the lowest Attacks in the game and offers zero Defense to counteract incoming character attacks.

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