Mario Kart Toad

After being first playable in Super Mario Bros. 2 back in 1992 it took almost four years before Toad was playable again in the inaugural Super Mario Kart game for Nintendo’s Super Famicom console. Each of the game’s eight characters have a special item when they’re controlled by the CPU with both Toad’s and Princess Peach’s being the Poison Mushroom which causes their opponents to shrink when hit. The items in the game are obtained similarly to other games in the series when controlled by the player.

Toad returned a little over four years later as a playable character in the second game in the series, in the Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart 64. The game saw Wario debut for the first time in the Mario Kart series, edging out Diddy Kong as the eighth playable character. For the first time in the series, Toad gets his own very special course with the public road-themed Toad’s Turnpike, which later reappears in both the Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe games.

His fourth series appearance, in the GameCube’s Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, saw a big change in dynamics with the game seeing two-person karts for the first and only time. Toad’s partner in the Toad Kart was Toadette, who made her video game debut. The team is only unlocked by completing the game’s Special Cup on the 100cc mode however. The next three non-arcade entries saw more Toad courses with Toad’s Factory in Mario Kart Wii, Toad Circuit in Mario Kart 7, and Toad Harbor in Mario Kart 8.

More recently, Toad is a playable character in the smartphone game Mario Kart Tour, being one of the many starter characters along with Toadette, Peachette, and many other Mushroom Kingdom regulars. Toad’s special skill in the game is the Triple Mushrooms which gives him a triple speed boost. Other Toads later added to Mario Kart Tour as alternates are Pit Crew Toad on the Paris Tour, Party Time Toad on the New Year’s Tour, and Builder Toad on the Trick Tour.

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