Jammin’ Toad

Jammin’ Toad is a standard red Toad, who first appears in the Super Mario Run game wearing oversized headphones where he is found in Kingdom Builder. Jammin’ Toad can play music from your iTunes or Google Play smartphone music library when you tap him! The music option can also be activated by pausing the main game. Jammin’ Toad didn’t appear at launch, but was available in the Version 3.0.4 update.

His only other appearance is in the Super Mario Odyssey game where he is found in the Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom after completing the game’s main story. Toad will reward the player with a Power Moon for each request correctly fulfilled and bonus songs (8bit versions of Honeylune Ridge: Escape and NDC Festival) for the third and fifth request completed!

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